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[ Color2Adopt : I ] [closed] by sockjuice [ Color2Adopt : I ] [closed] by sockjuice
Sorry for taking so long to do this, honestly i've been avoiding the internet and dA for a little while?? but i'll be back on track soon i promise

anyway the winner is =Mikk-i!!

if you didn't win i would appreciate you taking down the deviation of your entry u n u
sorry to all those who missed out! :c it was really hard choosing OTL

disabled comments because i cant deal with stuff nowwww :iconpapcryplz:
so i've had these lines for ages and i can't really think of a palette for this gal so?? this is a color to adopt contest uvu idea stolen from =aimlessTrickster hehe

Not first-come first-served.

Basically all you have to do is color the lines with whatever colors you like, and in 48h after being posted, I will choose the winner base on personal preferences u w u

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT say how much you want the adopt, or that you already have a story for her or how much of her character you've fleshed out. I'm so sick of seeing this sort pseudo-guilt tripping and it never fails to make me feel awful about doing contests. I would really rather you keep that sort of thing to yourself.
sorry, but it's been getting at me recently. I CANNOT give one design to multiple people; there can only be one winner. Don't enter if you're not prepared to lose.

on a more positive note, go wild u < u

Please submit ALL entries to your deviantart, you can remove them once the contest is over however I will not count entries that are not submitted to dA!!

Also, please take note of my adoptable rules/info!

base c) =LinoleumItalics
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December 31, 2012
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